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Tobacco; and How Serious it is When it Comes to Pregnancy
Tobacco; and How Serious it is When it Comes to Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman smokes, she is deliberately exposing her fetus to several harmful chemicals. Among 4000 chemicals, nicotine happens to be just one that passes down from the lady to her fetus. What nicotine does is it makes the blood vessels turn narrow, which results in fewer nutrients and less oxygen to the fetus. The nicotine in tobacco also damages the lungs and brain of the baby which is permanent.

It also leads to pre-term delivery that is delivery before thirty seven weeks, where the child is not completely developed. The baby may then be a colic child (irritability and uncontrollable crying). They may also suffer from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). These children may also develop obesity problems and asthma issues in early childhood. So ladies, if you find out this great news that you are expecting a new life within you then you must stop this habit, abruptly though.

Affects on Secondhand smoke

Even if you inhale the smoke around the person who is smoking, you are putting your child at great risk. They suffer from ear infections, low weight and even asthma attacks if very serious.

What about E-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are usually used as substitute to tobacco, and using them is known to be vaping. They do contain nicotine and chemical flavouring which is hazardous for the child’s health.


  • People think that if they are pregnant and have not already stopped smoking, then there’s no point in doing so further. But that’s incorrect; quitting it at any time will be beneficial for your health. You need to give more oxygen to the baby and let it develop its lungs.
  • They consider it to be a stressful situation. It would not in any way turn stressful for the child; perhaps the best gift that you can give him/her is stopping it. Their risk of sudden death will also reduce and there’s nothing more significant than that.
  • People who smoke also believe that smoking less tobacco or turning to e-cig is okay while pregnant, but you certainly can’t find a safe amount of consuming it. So in case you are wondering if it can be a safer option then it is not. Every single puff of cigarette or e-cig will harm you and the developing fetus.
  • They consider it to be a relaxation. So they think it also relaxes the baby. As a matter of fact, it might calm you for a while but will damage you internally in a permanent manner. And as it is the stress that you are dealing with will likely return. Tobacco rather increases the blood pressure and heart rate, also carbon monoxide which gives less oxygen to the baby.
  • Some consider it to be normal to have a smaller baby. This is upsetting as they really give preference to tobacco and their own health rather thinking about the child. Giving birth to smaller baby will not only harm him/her in the young age but also cause trouble in adulthood.
  • Breastfeeding is okay even if you haven’t completely quit yet. Lot of women don’t breastfeed as they think that might harm the baby but the baby needs the milk and required nutrients to grow and stay healthy. So one should rather breastfeed and should not smoke at least hours before doing it.