Incredible Facts About the Electronic Cigars

Incredible Facts About the Electronic Cigars

Incredible Facts About the Electronic Cigars

Electric cigars are special devices that are used to inhale the vapor just like the normal cigars are used in the smoking of tobacco. The former are the advanced counterparts of the traditional cigars. Their usage has gained momentum just because they have embraced the fast running of technology. For instance, when you are using the e-cig, the process itself is referred to as the vaping. This is because what the device produces is the vapor. The vapor is gotten after the device has vaporized the electronic liquid within the reservoir of the e-cig.

The electronic liquid is often known as the e-juice. It is simply the extracts of fresh leaves of the tobacco. Once extracted, the juice is processed thoroughly through the industrial action. This makes it possible for production of various brands of such juices. Unlike the traditional cigars which are used once and the remnant dumped, the electronic cigars are used repeatedly until the time when you feel that it is the right time to have the new one. It therefore saves a lot of costs. Besides this, it is meant to be stylish and fashionable. With its perfect sleek design, it can perfectly fit in your pocket without creating any alarm whatsoever. The following are the common features of the e-cigs that makes it quite different from the traditional cigars;

  • Heating mechanism
  • Reservoir
  • Content

Heating mechanism

The traditional cigars are known to be lit manually. This happens when one places the source of fire close to it. it immediately catches the fire and starts the process of burning the tobacco in it. as this tobacco burns, you will have the smoke coming out and you will be able to take several puffs before it is exhausted. With the e-cig, you will not have to light up your cigar. The liquid is heated by the action of the coil inside the device. The ignition is initiated by the action of the battery that is fitted within the device. It therefore needs to be recharged regularly so that it can provide the heating services to the device as it is the only way it can produce the desired vapor.


This is a special tank that is meant to store the tobacco liquid commonly known as the electronic liquid. Since the liquid is always subjected to the highest temperatures, it is bound to be exhausted hence the reason why it needs to be refilled over time. The capacity of the reservoir is about one point five milliliter. This capacity once filled, it is able to provide about four hundred puffs. You just need to buy your brand of e-liquid so that you can refill the reservoir of the e-cig regularly.


This is the form of tobacco that is consumed. For instance, if you are using the traditional cigars, you will have the dry tobacco. On the other hand, the e-cig will need to use the tobacco that is in the liquid form to enable the vaping to take place.